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dc.creatorMilešević, Jelena
dc.creatorLachat, Carl
dc.creatorKolsteren, Patrick
dc.description.abstractCentral and Eastern European countries experience significant socio-economic changes and are characterized by nutrition transition. They deal with persistent undernutrition and micronutrient deficiencies while being confronted with emerging consequences of overnutrition and diet related noncommunicable diseases. Effective solutions will require investment in contextual drivers of diet, in particular in agriculture. This study examines how national nutrition policies of Central and Eastern European countries published between 2004-2011, articulate agricultural measures to address nutritional challenges: undernutrition, micronutrient deficiencies, food safety and overnutrition using structured content analysis. Only 5 (24%) national documents (Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Poland and Slovenia) out of 21 countries officially belonging to Central and Eastern European region were retrieved that met research criteria. Agricultural measures to tackle food security in vulnerable population groups mainly propose mechanisms to support agricultural production in rural settings and facilitated access (e.g. through subsidies) of healthy foods (e.g.fruits and vegetables) for vulnerable groups. Other strategies entailed education of producers and consumers about healthy food consumption, fortification of staples with micronutrients and establishment of food safety systems throughout whole food chain. Strategies aimed at the agricultural sector for better diets in CEE region are interesting examples to generate lessons learned and provide information to further integrate agriculture and nutrition research for countries in nutrition transition.en
dc.sourceCEFood 2012 - Proceedings of 6th Central European Congress on Food
dc.subjectFood safetyen
dc.subjectMicronutrient deficienciesen
dc.titleNutritional challenges and agricultural strategies in national nutrition policies of Central and Eastern European countriesen
dc.citation.other: 1455-1460

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