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      "Mesenchymal Stem Cells": Blurred Image of Developmental Origin, Cellular Niche and Traits with Development of Regenerative Therapy Over and Above [1]
      1-Hz repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation and diphasic dyskinesia in Parkinson's disease [1]
      17 beta-estradiol modulates mitochondrial ca(2+) flux in rat caudate nucleus and brain stem [1]
      8-Iso-prostaglandin F2α as a potential biomarker in patients with unipolar and bipolar depression [1]
      A biased Gm haplotype and Gm paraprotein allotype in multiple myeloma suggests a role for the Gm system in myeloma development [1]
      A comparative study on culture-specific and cross-cultural aspects of intercultural relations in Hungary, Serbia, Czech Republic, and Germany [1]
      A comparison of rapid amniotic fluid markers in the prediction of microbial invasion of the uterine cavity [1]
      A Comparison of Solar Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure in Urban Canyons in Venice, Italy and Johannesburg, South Africa [1]
      A comparison of the effects of agonist and antagonist muscle fatigue on performance of rapid movements [1]
      A comprehensive mutation study in wide deep-rooted R1 b Serbian pedigree: mutation rates and male relative differentiation capacity of 36 Y-STR markers [1]
      A human origin type II strain of Toxoplasma gondii causing severe encephalitis in mice [1]
      A large-scale study of the Trichinella genus in the golden jackal (Canis aureus) population in Serbia [1]
      A longitudinal study of the relationship between galactosylation degree of IgG and rheumatoid factor titer and avidity during long-term immunization of rabbits with BSA [1]
      A Novel Two-Velocity Method for Elaborate Isokinetic Testing of Knee Extensors [1]
      A partnership between network for capacity development in nutrition (NCDN-CEE) in central and eastern Europe and European food information resource network (EuroFIR) [1]
      A Pork Industry in the Backyard: An Analysis of Toxoplasma gondii Infection in Serbia’s Pigs [1]
      A prognostic model to predict thrombosis in essential thrombocythemia [1]
      A prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of polyphenols on the outcomes of inflammatory factors and oxidative stress in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus [1]
      A review on antibiotic resistance: origin and mechanisms of bacterial resistance as biological phenomenon [1]
      A selective increase in calcium excretion after chronic nitric oxide synthesis inhibition in Wistar rats [1]